Then the ball

Then the ball The one who catches a ball, has to tell, is responsible or not the person in this situation arrived.

If with opinion of the player most of children agrees, he takes a step to the center of a circle.

If children do not agree with opinion someone, all discuss this vop grew, and the player remains on a place.

Then the ball comes back pedago gu, and game repeats.

A problem of everyone as soon as possible to reach to the teacher.

Conversation Questions and tasks for conversation What means to be responsible for someone?

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That is the psychology

That is the psychology What does it mean and how to explain to their children?

You often refer to explain the notion that the heart human evil from birth.

However, psychology is exactly the opposite approach to work with the child on the fact that he is not bad, but it can only bad to behave.

That is the psychology leads parents to such a distinction, so they felt that they had a house is not someone is bad, and someone who who misbehaves.

But we must learn to find a way inside to retrieve something good.

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Next day all went

Next day all went You simply thirty three misfortunes.

Leave from kitchen!

I will prepare for children fried eggs and sandwiches, but I am afraid that you will spoil them Katya became angry.

Next day all went to collect herbariums.

Children cheerfully ran up on a meadow, from time to time bringing to the teacher different flowers and herbs.

She wrote their names on labels, and children put the finds in the plastic packages.

It was inconvenient to Nina to run in graceful shoes on to grass and hot in a warm jacket.

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At first

At first In the next second it under flied to mother and cried Mother, you here!

You are living!

The motorcycle company connected ps meanwhile hologa, run out after the boy.

Soon arrived militia, and it was taken away.

Houses, having eaten two lunch, Borka cheerfully told This the abnormal wanted me to freeze for experiences, but with me it did not pass.

I persuaded to exchange one robot with me in places, and itself began to represent the robot.

At first it was terrible difficult.

It was necessary to be obedient, that the inventor suspected nothing.

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Now on a break

Now on a break Then the teacher discusses to a vma to sta with children, what affairs the most important for life and who taught them to these affairs.

As Nina studied Nina was the best schoolgirl in a class.

Modest silent from the lichnitsa wearing spectacles never delivered efforts to teachers, but children did not love it.

Even goodnatured laugher Katya of times used to say with Nina only because sat next.

Now on a break of the boy flew on Petka also pushed it into a director's office.

Here an umor was ve the village was told by Katya.

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